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Managing containers (@home)

As part of my home infra renovations I've been transferring more and more functions to run in containers on top of Rasperry Pis. Even though specifics are extremely hacky and home use only, there's been quite a few lessons learned which link into enterprise grade ways of working also. This journey mainly started off with Hypriot , which provides great automation to setup docker basics on Pi. So getting to the initial state of delivering everything in one infrastructure as a code model was straight forward.  Version 1.0 Hypriot provides support for cloud-init, which makes automating deployment very easy. Essential flow was / is like this: Deployment image = Hypriot (GIT) Deployment configuration = cloud-init user-data Persistent storage = NFS (Re-)Deployment model = flash SD card with image & config Whole magic is in the cloud-init user-data, which has a lot of failures actually in this model but we'll get to that later. Activities that I placed