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Home infrastructure renovations

Starting point The title can and will mean very different things to different people, to some people it means building a toolshed to begin with. Anyhow, we're in IT context now in my personal context this renovation means actions to get rid of a traditional server park running on Dell VRTX and moving more actions into both containers and public cloud. These activities themselves can be understood many ways, but hopefully the story will clarify as we go along. This activity has been actually ongoing already for a while and now as I had a otherwise free weekend I got things a bit more forward, to a let's say midway state from the actual goal. Midway physical architecture Since pictures are always nice, here's physical architecture of my home infra. This is now almost current state, currently the clusterfw is actually behind worksw as there's a bit open actions going on with the devices. As one might guess, worksw is in my office and backendsw is then in my cl