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Join VMware Photon to Active Directory

 Quick and simple task I assumed, get an individual VMware Photon instance to host one container for specific purpose and plug it into Active Directory for proper management. After all it's the baseline image for most of VMware appliances and all of those plug into AD very nicely. As it turns out, not so simple. Not so simple before you know how it's done that is, it took a bit reverse engineering to figure out how to do it. First Googling resulted in solution called Lightwave, which actually looks like a very nice solution but eventually it's for a different purpose. More for replacing Active Directory than integrating into it. Which is actually an activity that I've been looking for to my home lab, AD functionality but running on raspberry pi. So definitely worth looking into, but that in detail is a story for another day. By trying to do the integration with Lightwave, I accidentally then also stumbled into the right approach. Which is likewise. Firstly installing it